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Inclusivity is our


Our members include experienced angels, founders, subject-matter experts, and new investors. We enable members to pool capital while leveraging the expertise, skills, and experiences of our diverse network to drive better outcomes. Members of Commune value diversity and the exchange of ideas in support of extraordinary founders building promising companies. Investing allows our members to give back, build successful companies and reap the rewards from our contributions.

Smart Capital

Commune Angels is a community of accredited and rising investors who recognize the power of diversity and national deal flow. We encourage you to read our Code of Conduct before applying for membership.


About Membership in Commune Angels

  • We offer individual, family, and corporate memberships for an annual fee.
  • Members take an active role in the screening and due diligence processes, and subsequent portfolio support.
  • We host monthly deal calls and regular virtual screening calls.
  • We provide regular learning experiences to better support our portfolio companies.
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Benefits of Membership

Diverse Experiences

Pool the combined expertise of other exceptional people from different backgrounds to introduce and evaluate new companies.

Access National Deal Flow

Gain access to national deals through the Commune Angels team, members, and investment partners. The result is better to deal flow in terms of quality and quantity.

Make Individual Investment Decisions

Commune Angels members make their own investment decisions. Even if you don’t want to make a large commitment, you can still participate with a modest investment.

Collaborative Due Diligence

Active participation in the due diligence process is encouraged to ensure members are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each opportunity.

Ongoing Learning Experiences

Access regular learning experiences on topics such as due diligence, board governance, emerging and industry trends.

Join A Community

Learn and share with a network of members willing to help one another with investment ideas and business advice. Automatically join the Angel Capital Association.