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What We Look For

We back founders from all backgrounds, identities, and walks of life who are building extraordinary companies

We focus on pre-seed and seed-stage investments, and fund companies raising on a note, SAFE or preferred stock round. We invest in a wide range of market sectors, including software, consumer products, and life sciences. We do not make short-term loans. True to our goal of fostering community, we co-invest with other angels, angel groups and venture funds.

Investment Criteria

Lead Investor

A term sheet has been issued by a lead investor or reputable investors have committed capital.

Committed Team

Resourceful management team with relevant experience and at least one full-time founder.

Viable Solution

Demonstrable solution to a compelling problem with high growth potential.

Sizable Market Opportunity

Immediate and adjacent markets in excess of $500M with strong potential barriers to entry.

Market Validation

Early evidence of product-market fit such as users with low churn, pilots, and/or revenue.

Exit Potential

Credible exit potential with at least a 10x cash-on-cash return for Commune Angels’ investors

The Commune Way

We are committed to transparency. You will always know where you stand with Commune Angels. We’ll share why we believe your company is a great fit for our group and why it may not be. We ask the same of the founders we meet. When you accept capital from Commune Angels, you’ve also gained a trusted partner committed to our mutual success.

Step 1: Submit Application

It all begins with ”hello.” To begin the process, please complete our online application. We only ask you to jump through additional hoops as necessary.

Step 2: Initial Screening Meeting

After an initial review, you may be invited to a screening meeting with the Commune Angels team where we’ll get to know the company and team.


Step 3: Screening & Due Diligence

At this stage, we request more detailed information about the company and invite you to a screening meeting with members of Commune Angels.


Step 4: Pitch Meeting

We invite your team to pitch to our members, either in-person or virtually. You will deliver a 15-minute pitch and take questions for 10 minutes.


Step 5: Investment Decision

Within a week of the pitch meeting, we will share our interest in investing in your company and, if applicable, the estimated investment amount. 

Step 6: Funding

Regardless of the size of our investment, all investment dollars are pooled into a single-purpose LLC (SPV), which appears on your cap table as a single entity.